The Future Show. Victoria Bar.

She Said

Tonight’s Agenda: The Future Show at Artists Repertory Theatre


I like an artist who pushes the envelop; shakes things up a bit.  Unconventionality often breeds innovation and has given us the likes of Picasso and Dahli, the great thinkers,  and stunning music. Artistic genius provokes thinking about who we are, what we believe or don’t believe, as well as  exposes us to new understandings about the world we live in.  I must confess, however, that while I really enjoy artistic conceptions that resonate and move me in a meaningful way, I love– even more–dissecting artistic expressions that I dislike, find unmoving, or without meaningful contribution to the human experience.  Tonight’s performance of, The Future Show, at the Artists Repertory Theatre was one such performance.

According to the Artists Repertory Theatre, The Future Show, part of the Frontier Series, is one of three productions by internationally acclaimed artists from London, Vancouver, BC, and Los Angeles, who are breaking new ground in theatrical creation and presentation.  Tonight’s innovator was London native, Deborah Pearson.  As both the producer and lone performer, she methodically tells her life story beginning from the time she completes her current show until she dies, hence, The Future Show.  The novelty or innovation of this production is Pearson’s endeavor of rewriting a new future for every performance, implying that one’s future can change very quickly-or not-depending upon daily choices that are made or events that unfold and shape our future. To her credit, I think she achieves this.  I just wish she could have done this with a little more conviction. Continue reading

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“As You Like It” at The Steep and Thorny Way to Heaven Theater. Le Bistro Montage

She Said

Tonight’s Agenda:  Shakespeare”s “As You Like It” at The Steep and Thorny Way to Heaven Theater, followed by dinner at Le Bistro Montage


I have concluded that there must be a secret society for clueless people attending the theater.  You know who I am talking about.  The people who wear too much cologne, crackle candy wrappings, talk, moan, shriek, or laugh excessively during a performance at the annoyance of the rest of us in the audience.  Tonight I encountered yet another annoyance:  people who jiggle ice cubes. I realize people like to keep their cocktails mixed, but the constant stirring of ice is really distracting during a theater performance, especially during a long romantic kiss.  I also realize, however, that these people are an extension of the entertainment I have come to see perform.  There is something fascinating, and maybe theatrical, about their cluelessness.  Other times, though, I think these people are messing with me and just as I am about to lose it at them, someone is going to jump out and say, “Smile! You’re on Candid Camera!” Continue reading

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HodgePodge Catch Up. He Said Extra.

Bar 33 Brooklyn

After Richard III we tried Bar 33 Brooklyn. It is a sports bar, and I think it may be the first sports bar we have tried.  Sports on big screen , sports paraphernalia on the wall, games in the back.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the place: nice service, good fried chicken and fries, reasonably priced drinks. Sport bars just not my style.  They seem too….packaged.

Tryon Creek

I moved back to Portland in 1990 and I think that was the last time we hiked Tryon Creek. As the days get shorter there is less time to spend hiking and there is this  State Park sitting between Portland and Lake Oswego. It is a great hike up and down canyons, along creeks in what has to be the moss and fern capitol of the NW. For most of the hike you hear no city noise.

The hike around the outside of the park is 5.7 miles, just at the limit for a geezer and took about three hours. There are numerous shorter trials and loops in the park. It is nice to have such a wild area so close to home. Continue reading

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Richard III at Post5

She Said

Tonights Agenda:  Shakespeare’s Richard III at Post5 Theater


Over the years, Post5 Theater has become one of my favorite places to see Shakespeare. Its productions always feel fresh and inventive.  Its actors always deliver enthusiastic and engaging performances.  When we learned that Richard III was showing at Post5 Theater, I knew we would not be disappointed.  As usual, it delivered.

Richard III has recently received a resurgence of celebrity with the 2012 discovery of his corpse at the site of what was previously the Greyfriars Priory Church in England.  It has been a fascinating discovery that validated Richard’s death in his thirties, the abnormal curvature of the spine, as well as a skull missing its posterior, either from a halberg or sword which penetrated all the way through the brain-how cool is that?  The discovery also reveals new information about his actual lineage.   Continue reading

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Garbage & Happy Hour. He Said Extra


Last year Garbage was touring in honor of the 20th anniversary of its eponymous album and I was all excited until I discovered they were not coming to Portland. I was really disappointed

We had seen Garbage several years before when the toured in support of their last album (as if there are albums anymore) and I was pumped to see that they were touring again.

The day they went on sale I got tickets for their show at the Roseland. Geezers hint: sometimes you can get reserved seats in the balcony so you don’t have to stand, but the seats are limited. We got seats. Ahhhhh. So nice not to stand for three hours. Continue reading

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Trevor & Dots Cafe.

She Said

Tonight’s Agenda 

Trevor at the Artists Repertory Theater

Dot’s Cafe,


When I first read reviews that Trevor was a play about a chimpanzee I thought, “This sounds really stupid.”  I envisioned a cartoonish ape saying cute things while the audience giggles and adores this animal who is so seemingly human.  Boy, was I wrong. Instead I discovered an intense drama about a monkey who is struggling to retain his animal identity and instincts in a world that wants him to be further evolved than he is capable of being.

According to Playwright, Nick Jones, Trevor was inspired by the 2009 mauling of a woman by a chimpanzee named, Travis. As a local celebrity of a town in Connecticut, Travis was able to open doors using keys,  log onto a computer, watch TV using a remote, and even drive a car.  He had also been in TV commercials.  His owner, Sandra, considered Travis as somewhat of a surrogate child following the deaths of her husband and son.  And, despite signs of increasing aggression as the chimp matured, no one considered Travis to be a public safety risk. Continue reading

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Portland Garden Walk, The River Walk and Departures

She Said

Today’s Agenda:  Portland Garden Tour West

        Waterfront Loop

        Departure Bar and Restaurant


What could possibly be better than a day of touring gardens, hiking, and eating?  My husband has said that I have three passions: gardening, my children, and him.  He grumbles that he is third in the ranking.  When he cannot locate me in the house, he looks outside and frequently finds me crouched among my plants. He insists that I spend so much time with my flowers, that I am turning into one.  I admit it. I am obsessively passionate about gardening. It is my raison d’etre.

For the last few years we have been participating in the Portland Garden Tour West, benefiting Ainsworth Elementary School. The tour features five gardens in Portland’s West Hills.  Living on the eastside of the city, the tour is also a legitimate excuse to voyeuristically explore the Westside lifestyle of the rich and famous.  While Portland is a fabulous city for gardening, our clay soil, steep hills and shady evergreens are natural forces we must reckon with.  The tour is a great way to see how other gardeners manage these challenges in their backyards.   Continue reading

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Ava Genes

She Said

Tonight’s Agenda:  Ava Gene’s

After multiple attempts to secure reservations at Ava Gene’s, this popular Italian restaurant finally decided to let us in.  Would it be worth the wait?  Located in the gentrified SE Division neighborhood, Ava Gene’s has a pleasant, though fairly typical bistro ambiance with wooden table and chairs and rustic lighting.  The decor nicely reflects Ava Gene’s style of cooking that their website describes as simple, rustic, and Roman inspired.  However, do not expect a quiet or romantic dining interlude;  it is loud in here. While young families with young children may prefer a noisy restaurant to drown out the antics of their kids, I am at the “been there done that phase” of parenting and prefer quiet conversation with my spouse.  Ava Gene’s offers a family style menu option, so their vision does not appear to be that of an intimate dining experience.  If one likes a bustling, and booming dining adventure, Ava Gene’s would  be a good fit.   Continue reading

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Oregon State Fair, Nineteen 33 Taproom, Local Cow. He Said Extras

Oregon State Fair

Every year we go to either the Clackamas County fair or the Oregon State Fair. Kerry grew up on a farm and needs to occasionally reconnect with her agrarian upbringing.

The fair is always fun: she talks to the chickens, we watch the pigs get excited over getting fed, wander the exhibits and competitions and enjoy the live music.

There are certain things that are always a pleasure at the fair: the mutant vegetables, the gigantic pumpkin, the world’s biggest pig (did not see that the pig was present this year), the blue ribbon winners (the food always looks terrible) and the art. Now that the kids are gone we pass on the opportunity for projectile vomiting from the rides.

And if you want to keep up on the the state of the art for fried food, the Fair is the place: mashed potato balls, turkey legs, snickers, Oreos, Twinkie’s, and bacon wrapped corn dogs, all cooked in hot oil. No worry about acquiring an infections from the food. That is what the petting zoo and swine are for. Continue reading

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The Bomb-itty of Errors & Le Moule. He Said Extras.

The Bomb-itty of Errors

There are things that mark me as a geezer. I do not understand tattoos, visible underwear, the hideous square glasses frames that always look awful and hip hop.

Rap is an oeuvre, like country, that usually does not move me. I am an alternative/dad rock kind of guy.  Give me electric guitars and angst.

So I was hesitant to see The Bomb-itty of Errors, a rap adaption of Comedy of Errors  by MC Shakespeare. But it was by Post 5 and I have yet to be disappointed by one of their productions.  And part of being a geezer in PDX is going outside my comfort zone.  Sure, I could sit home and watch TV.  Or I could try something different.

Always go for the different, unless it entails falling a long distance under the influence of gravity.  No bungee jumping for me.

Go see this play. It is a hoot and half. An absolute blast. Forget about Suicide Squad. See Bomb-itty of Errors.

With a plot loosely based on Comedy of Errors, the play is done in rap with a live DJ doing the beat.  4 actors do all the parts and they are tremendous as well as funny.  Who’d have thunk the mutant offspring of rap and Shakespeare  would be so entertaining.

We also had the pleasure of seeing the production break down for a few minutes as the players became lost in laughter.  That is part of the fun of live theater and their recovery was a delight to watch.

As a rule I enjoy interpretations of Shakespeare and this was the most off the wall I have yet seen and one of the best. 

Funny. Well acted. Energetic. Clever. Tremendous.

See it before it closes Sept 17th.

Le Moule

The temptation after a Post 5 production is to head to Bible Club. But I wanted to try a new bar and I suggested Le Moule. Kerry agreed.

It is a French influenced restaurant/bar if you have not guessed it my the name and does feel Francaise with dark woods and leather.  A nice place for a date.

The back bar has a nice green glow (yes I should have taken a photograph) and, for a pleasant change of pace for old ears, despite being full of talking and laughing diners I could hear Kerry fine over the ambient noise.  Good sound proofing?  I don’t know, but it was good to year Kerry the first time she said something.

The drinks are really good (go for the Scotch Lodge or the Scouts Honor) but as would be expected from the name, they specialize in mussels. 

Fat, juicy, soft and perfectly steamed. Most of the time mussels are overcooked, these are so perfectly done it is hard to describe, almost a shellfish panna cotta in a shell the way they are prepared.  Right up there with St. Jack’s for perfect, yes perfect, mussels.  And served with perfect pomme frites, crunchy and salty; the French way is the only way to make french fries.

The dessert was a small waffle covered with chocolate, creme fraiche and blackberries. I wish I could lick the plate, but Kerry will not let me.  Spoil sport. Probably just as well as they serve some of the dishes on wooden platters and the ID doc in me thinks, ‘how do they get rid of the bacteria?’ I didn’t ask. And I would have licked the wood no matter how it had been cleaned, except, perhaps, licked by a dog in the alley next to the kitchen.  It was that good.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

I do have an addiction for all things French that I can eat or drink, Le Moule satisfies that addiction nicely. I will have to go back, if for no other reason than the pork schnitzel on the menu is calling for me.

Maaaarrrrrkkkk. Schniiiiiitzel.

How can I resist that siren call? Although the pull of perfect mussels may make it a battle for my dining soul.

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