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Guitar and Food Carts

She Said Tonight’s Agenda: Division Food Carts & Guitarist: Steven Adams Cost: $14 for a Shrimp & Guava Noodle dish Free Guitar Concert! Highlights: Since I retired last year & have two kids in college, I have become much more discriminating … Continue reading

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Slingshot Lounge

She Said Tonight’s Agenda: The Slingshot Lounge Cost: $7 for a wedge salad, $5 for a vegetable soup. Highlights: Anytime Mark asks me where I’d like to go for a quick bite to eat, I have developed an automated response, … Continue reading

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Sweating with the Oldies. Mark’s Postcript

We had a return trip to Post5 Theater, this time to see The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, abridged and revised. It is a play that has all entire Cannon performed, with parody, humor,  and additions, in 95 minutes. Very … Continue reading

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Belmont Station: the Beer Here

The Belmont Station She said Tonight’s Agenda The Belmont Station My Cost: $6/glass of wine Highlights Since I am a wino, rather than a beer drinker, I almost didn’t accompany my husband & son to this nirvana of hops, malts, … Continue reading

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Sweating with the Oldies

 Much Ado About Nothing and Kays Bar She said  The Agenda Attend play, “Much Ado About Nothing” at the Post 5 theater, followed by Cocktails/Snacks at “Kay’s Bar” in Sellwood Cost $20/ticket Cocktails: $ Snacks: $ Highlights Play: This was a 1950’s interpretation … Continue reading

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