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She Said

Tonight’s Agenda:  “Equivocation” at the Post 5 Theater in Sellwood & The Sapphire Hotel


Another great night at the Post 5 Theater. Tonight’s performance of “Equivocation” is provocatively entertaining.  One walks away not only having enjoyed the performances, but also with existential ponderings about truth and power.  This is not a light-hearted comedy.  The heart of the story is a professional’s moral-ethical dilemma.  It is also a violent political drama. While the story takes place during the 1600’s, the performances are so lively and feel so authentic that the story feels very fresh and relevant for today.  

The actors give masterful performances with some cleverly playing multiple roles. The small stage is creatively utilized, bouncing seamlessly between settings with mere changes in lighting or placement of the players.  It’s such a delight to come to this theater because there is not a bad seat in the house.  One is always up close and personal with the players and the stage at this theater. When I left Post 5 tonight,  it is as if I had been back in the 1600’s sharing the dilemma with the characters, and I’m not quite ready to go home yet. It is a play that leaves one feeling they need to talk over what just happened here tonight. 

We decide to go to the Sapphire Hotel to debrief after the play.  Any place that is reputed to be a brothel from the early 1900’s must be seen. 

Sapphire Hotel at night.

Sapphire Hotel at night.

This is a unpretentious old building with high ceilings, and simple wood benches and chairs. It has a very ambitious cocktail menu and my choice tonight is the “Floozie” with a pear vodka, benedictine, honey, and aphrodite bitters.  Can I have another?  The world’s problems no longer seem quite so troublesome here.  I have the parmesan risotto cakes with mushroom cream sauce which tasted as earthy and comforting as I hoped they would. 


Risotto cakes. As good as as arincini i.e. risotto balls.

We had no difficulty finding street parking nearby.  Service was attentive and the groups of patrons could easily converse with one another.


Still no air conditioning at the Post 5 Theater and I’m sweating like an oldie tonight.  

He Said


It was a full weekend. Friday we saw a review of Equivocation at the Post 5 Theater. Being Post 5 fan boys, we went that night.

As has been the case with Post 5, it was another wonderful production. It is a weird play. The main plot device is that William Shakespeare was asked to write a play about the Gunpowder Plot but at a deeper level it is about the nature of truth and the telling of it.

There is the truth that the government wants, the truth from those involved in the plot to blow up Parliament, and the truth as understood by Shakespeare and his actors. And there is more: loss and the relationships between fathers and daughters. It is a a clever script and trying to describe the plot does not do it justice.

It is an interesting play, never having seen a performance that yo-yo’s between horrific tragedy and slapstick humor with such rapidity. Having been seeing more plays this year I am struck with the creativity that is required by stage actors, especially those with a small budget, in presenting and staging plays. Most of the actors play several parts and watching them deftly switch characters is fun but it never detracts from the performance.

The actors do far more with far less than what you see in the movies and the art is the better for it.

The play runs through the first week of October and for $20 dollars a ticket well worth the time and money.

Sapphire Hotel

My brother keeps bitching that we do not go to any of the places he suggests.

The Sapphire hotel is one of those places and seeing that they had a cocktail made with pop rocks, we decided to give it a try. Just do not let him know we went without him.

Inside of Sapphire Hotel.

Inside of Sapphire Hotel.

It is halfway towards home, on 55th and Hawthorne in an old hotel lobby. We got there about 11 pm and we were double the age of anyone in the bar. I know everyone was of legal drinking age in the place, but young adults today look so, well, young. The medical students at work all look like they belong in high school. Why are they letting children drink and become doctors is beyond me. But being a geezer means never having to get carded.

Dark reds and an artistic environment, we had a seat at the window and the service was brisk and friendly.

I love me those back bars.

I love me those back bars.

I am sorry to admit, I could not go with the pop rocks, but instead the Lounge Singer (Redux): Cedar steeped bour-rye, fig steeped vermouth, Zwack, orange bitters with a huge ice cube. Zwack is a mystery drink from Budapest. The Europeans love their secret liquors.

Dinner was salmon corn cakes

salmon cares

Salmon and Corn Cakes. Who knew salmon make corn?

and I went for dealers choice for the second drink, The bartender made me a Point of No Return, Bourbon, rye syrup, Amari Cio Ciaro and tiki bitters. Mmmmmm. Good choice.

I have given up googling drink constituents in real-time, but Amari Cio Ciaro is like KFC, a secrete recipe based on bitter orange. And I really need to get me an ice cube tray that makes the huge ice cubes for home.

The desert was a a butterscotch pudding with, as is de rigueur, sea salt, but unlike most salt containing deserts there were nice crunch flakes of salt with the caramel.

As we head into the dreary winter, I note that they have a fireplace in the bar with several soft chairs. I think I will spend December there.

Garden Tour. He Said Extra.

Sunday we went of a garden tour, five gardens in private residences in the SW Hills, to support Ainsworth School.  Mansion city.

Kerry is a gardener and her interest in plants has seeped into me. Or I am becoming a vegetable as I age. I am always amazed at the variety that can be found in simple objects. Watches and shoes are my favorite examples. It is remarkable the variety that can be found in simple, everyday things.

It is even more remarkable what people can do with gardens. We went from a jungle to a old apple orchid to a terraced urban garden to a classic European garden to a NW/Cook oriented garden. All were phenomenal.

Kerry marveled at not only the garden, but how they managed to keep it all watered. I kept singing Everclears “I will you a new life

I will buy you a garden where your flowers can bloom
I will buy you a new car, perfect shiny and new
I will buy you that big house way up in the west hills
I will buy you a new life
Yes I will

These were the houses Art was talking about. It is rare you get the opportunity to wander the backyards of some amazing gardens. Well worth the time and for a good a cause.

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