Postscript: 50th and Division Food Carts. He Said Extra.

He said

Postscript. Always scribble, scribble, scribble! Eh, Mr. Crislip?  That’s me.  I tend to write where Kerry is in the garden;  we call it parallel play.  So I bet as this blog goes forward there will occasional entries by just me.

50th and Division Food Carts

I had been told in no uncertain terms that I needed to try the fried chicken the Chicken Coop at à la carts Food Pavilion. Good call. We went back in part to try new carts and in part for another round of the excellent guitar of Steven Adams.

I opted for the Mother Clucker sandwich and it was delicious, freshly breaded and deep fried with swiss cheese, bacon on a sweet Hawaiian style bun and a large side of crinkle cut fries. While the food was good, it reinforced what I do not like about food carts: standing around waiting for food. Kerry was off getting her own order, so there is nothing to do at food carts but stand around and watch the person in the truck prepare the food. I will stick with restaurants, with the exception that I need to try the Mercado on Powell, a collection of carts with food from South of the Border.

At least while standing around for food I could enjoy some guitar music and for only the second time in his career Steve played FreeBird. Good music always makes waiting for fried food that much better

Richmond Bar

After the dinner at the food carts we went to the Richmond Bar on Division.

The atmosphere in the front of the bar, where we sat, is dark wood and reds. The back patio has a fire pit that looks to be a nice place to spend a chilly day.

Richmond Back Bar

Richmond Back Bar

The service was friendly and the bar was less than half full on a Thursday evening. Still, I was amazed at all the people out walking on Division on a work night, eating and drinking.

Thursday night you can find a seat.

Thursday night you can find a seat.

The drinks were fantastic. I had a Honey Suckle (bourbon, drambuie, lemon, rooftop honey syrup) followed by gin based drink not on their web site. I just assume that everything is going to be on the net, but food and drink change and the web menus are usually examples. I really need to remember to write these  down or take photos, but good food, good drinks and good company tend to be distracting.

Yet another place to return to as the drinks were exceptionally delicious and I need to see if the burger can surpass the Slingshot.  No one has yet.

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