Milo McIver State Park and Stone Cliff Inn. He Said Extra.

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Milo McIver State Park

Pre-children we were reasonably active hikers. With age comes limitations, and one of them is a 5 or 6 mile hike is about my limit. Kerry suggested we try more State parks after our visit Willamette Mission with a goal of hiking every one.  Good goal for retirement.

Milo McIver State Park is only 25 minutes from Portland. Closer than Mt. Hood, less crowded than the Gorge and you feel like you are out in the woods.  Like its namesake, the park was cobbled together from ordinary pieces of land in the 60’s and 70’s.

The Riverbend trail, along the Clackamas River, is a nice level hike wide enough to walk side by side. We choose to go up the Maple Ridge Trail for a total of 4.5 miles. Perfect hike for a fall day: rivers, turning trees, snails (aka escargot) and moss. We want to go back when all the leaves are gone from the trees. There should be some incredible views of the Clackamas River.

My only quibble with the Park is the map at the entry. The trails on the map are only vaguely based on reality and we wandered around for 20 minutes trying to find the Riverbend trail access.


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mcgiver slide

mcgiver panorama

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Stone Cliff Inn

One of the traditions we have when hiking is spending the last 30 minutes of  talking about food, usually because we are hungry. I thought we should give Stone Cliff Inn a try. Good call.

Stone Cliff Inn is a large log cabin on, well, a stone cliff, overlooking the Clackamas near Carver. The view is wonderful.  The patio looks to be a great place to enjoy a burger and a beer on a hot summer day.  It being fall, we opted for inside.

We had the lunch menu, starting with a delicious whiskey sour. I had the Pulled Pork Sandwich with the cherry BB sauce.  They start with cherries and cook them down to a sauce.  I will say that  while delicious, the sauce is a bit too sweet and cloying to last for a whole sandwich. It would have probably been better on the ribs, where they would not be as much sauce. Too much of a good thing. Like a truffle, some foods are better in small amounts.

The desert? Best bread pudding I have ever had, and that is with candied pecans which I loath. Kerry got all those.  Another reason to go back to the park with this restaurant on the way home.  And the dinner menu needs to be tried.

This will be our first child free Thanksgiving and they do the traditional turkey and more. Given I have to work that day as well, this may be the place for Thanksgiving.

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