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Emily Wells

Do you ever hear a song and think: that is  fantastic and buy the album as a result.  Most albums have one or two good songs, so it is always a gamble.  Miss World by Hole and Rid of Me by PJ Harvey are examples of songs that led to purchases without hearing any of the album.  Same with Symphony 1 In the Barrel of a Gun by one of my favorite musicians Emily Wells.  Heard the song, ordered the album.  I have seen her live at least a half dozen times, mostly at the Doug Fir. She had a show in Portland as a warm up for a new album and tour next year.  Would not miss it.

As we were getting stamped at the front door a young man, about a third our age, asked in wonder, “Are you guys Emily Wells fans?” Another youngster, like the lady at Dantes, astounded to see geezers at a show.  I bet we are not the usual demographic.

She is a phenomenal artist. Great songs, an almost angelic voice (and this from an atheist) and she is fun to watch perform.

It has been interesting to watch her evolve as a performer, becoming more comfortable on stage, and it was always interesting to hear new arrangements of old songs.

She is a solo artist and plays/records loops with a variety of instruments to construct her songs. It takes a lot of concentration and manipulation of the computer and electronics to produce the amazing sound, and it detracts somewhat from the performance aspect of the show, although the not quality of the music.

Kerry and I had one conclusion after listening to another wonderful show. This girl needs a band. Her songs are complex and she does so much to make the songs she had only one opportunity to really cut loose and abandon the technology she had to control. She needs to quit doing everything herself and get some backup musicians. Yeah, I know, it costs money to have a band and her shows are only $12-$15.  Hard to support a band with that kind if income

She will be back touring for her new album February 19 and 20 at the Doug Fir. I can’t wait.

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  1. Anil says:

    I’m so glad you started blogigng, Connie! You provide a much needed dose of color to dreary days (and I feel so lucky to have shared in not one but two of these events.)

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