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He Said

We were invited to a CD release party. Steve Adams has released Sunday Morning (Available on cdbaby), a collection of solo acoustic guitar pieces. The music is jazz/Spanish and is just gorgeous. It is a good title; the music is perfect for a Sunday morning as you read the paper or make waffles.


It is also well worth a listen with just you and a pair of good headphones. My favorite is the 10 minute Leyenda Variations. It is a amazing demonstration of guitar playing. I have seen him perform this live many times and I never tire of it.  Not only is it virtuoso (and I do not use that term lightly)  guitar playing, he makes all that music on one guitar.

The party was in Wine Up in North Portland, just a block from Emmanual Hospital. Yet another part of town undergoing Portlandia renewal. It is interesting to go to Google Maps see the building more forward since 20007.  Portland sure is changing.  I saw the recent population statistics: the population of the area has doubled since I was a kid, to 675,000 in Portland.  It explains alot.

Wine Up

Wine Up

wine up wine

Wine Up

wine up bar

Wine Up

Wine up is more than a wine bar, with a good cocktail and beer menu and food. We did not try the food, although what passed us by looked good, having a couple of drinks while we listened to Steve play.

I had a Mexican Wedding (Sauza Blanco Tequila, lime, sugar, grapefruit, and a Chartreuse float) by mistake; I drank Kerrys order without realizing it, followed by the House Manhattan (Knob Creek 9 year, angostura bitters, cocci ameracano, port wine, cappaletti) to complete my two drink limit.  

A good place for music and a drink.  

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