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He Said

Dinner and a show is the classic date combination even for couples looking at their 30th wedding anniversary.

For dinner we decided on Miss Delta, conveniently across the street from Mississippi Studios.   Years ago my dad and I took a beer tasting class, aka the DUI club, and the instructor, a brewer, was asked his favorite beer. He said the one in his had at the moment. I feel that way about food. If I had to rank cuisines I would put cajun at the top. Just the right combination of flavors and heat and I do love me my crawfish.

I was not not disappointed, The atmosphere is renovated old brick with pictures of Elvis (Presley, not Costello. Unfortunately) on the wall. I still have some mild paranoia from my years in Los Angeles. Every time I am in an old brick building I think, I hope the big one doesn’t hit today. There is a long bar down the center of the restaurant with an open kitchen in the back. We sat in the middle so we could watch the food go by. Everything looked great.

Miss Delta Back Bar

Miss Delta Back Bar

After an excellent Mississippi Mule (their version of the Moscow Mule, glass cup instead of the proper copper cup; you can’t have everything). I went for the crayfish etouffee. Delicious, with just the right amount of heat. I am a heat wimp as a rule, but for me Cajun gets it right. The only problem was the dead crawfish looking up at me with sightless, accusatory, eyes. It is good being at the top of the food-chain.  There was a large hunk of  moist, dense, cornbread to with the meal. Dessert was sweet potato pie, a less sweet version of pumpkin pie. I had never had a sweet potato pie, I like the difference.  I will add sweet potato pie, along with catsup, as one of the better vegetables.

After dinner it was the real purpose of the night: Zepparella, an all female Led Zeppelin tribute band, at the Mississippi Studios.

I have come to the conclusion that the Mississippi Studies is THE drunkest venue in Portland. Man the patrons can put down the beer.  Evety time you away from the stage someone has a pint in each hand. And with only two toilets I am surprised there are not more ‘accidents’.

The venue also has what is presently a mystery. In the top left of the stage is a portrait of what looks to be a Roman Legionnaire, but no one I asked knew its story and for the first time a Google search came up blank. Probably the Roman god of inebriation.

What is this paintings story?

What is this painting’s story?

As you know, we like tribute bands. Tribute bands have an interesting road to walk. They can aim for a note for note rendition or than can interpret the music; Zepparella were a nice blend of both.

The band was excellent, with some original solo performances by each of the musicians that added to the music. It did take me awhile to adapt to a female lead vocalist. Outside of Heart, I do not think I have ever heard a Zep song performed by a female. And both Kerry and I make the same observation: the bassist had the  Addicted to Love moves down pat. Their drummer, who is the singer for the opening act, is a real Animal, almost Keith Moonian in her approach to the drums. She did a classic extended drum solo that was a blast. You don’t see those kind of drum solos much any more.

zeplinella zeplin 2

Zepparella is a excellent interpretation of Zep. Now if only I can discover what that portrait is about.

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