Mythbusters and Swine. He Said Extra.


I am not calling the Mythbusters swine.

Spending time in the science/skeptic world, I have always enjoyed the Mythbusters. And who doesn’t like large explosions? All good things must come to an end (except, evidently, Dr. Who), and this is the last season of the Mythbusters and Jamie and Adam are out on a farewell tour.

The have an engaging and entertaining show, done with great enthusiasm and humor. Since they are going their separate ways once the show ends, it appears unlikely that will ever tour again, so there is little point in an extended review.  Suffice to say I am glad I had the opportunity to see the show.

With the endless need for cable content, I am sure that like the movie Independence Day, Mythbusters will always be on one channel or another.


We do have a nice tradition before going to a show at the Schnitz, if time and call allow. Three blocks away is Swine, a Moonshine + Whiskey Bar. Like many a bar in the city it is wood and dim light.

Swine Back Bar. Blazers losing in the TV.

Swine Back Bar. Blazers losing in the TV.

The service is always cheery and excellent, with the first round ordered and served promptly.  As it should be.  I rarely mind if it takes time for a meal to be served, but get those drinks on the table pronto.

It is a great place for a light dinner and cocktail before a show. The menu changes each time we have been there. This time I had brisket sliders with pork rinds aka cracklings. That’s deep fried pig skin. It is one of the foods that is best consumed without thinking about what it is you are eating. According to the ever helpful wikipedia, there is more fat in a similar size order of potato chips. But I grew up in the 70’s with a cardiologist as a father and am scarred for life. I can’t eat eggs, butter, or animal skin without a twinge of lipid guilt.

For dessert there was pumpkin bread pudding made right (no raisins) with vanilla ice cream.  It is a sign of the stability of our relationship that we can still split the dessert without stabbing the other in the hand when reaching for our share.

With the food were a pair of whiskey based cocktails, the details of which are on a blurred picture of the menu but I remember them as delicious.

One of my many unrealistic goals is to win the lottery then get a suite in the new apartment tower to the North of Swine.  Then kiss my liver and weight good-bye.

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