Living Room Theather and Clyde Commons. He said extra.

He Said

Living Room Theaters

Worst venue to see a movie ever. Really.

The Living Room theater was small, about the size of, well,  my living room, but with a huge screen on the wall. Way too big for the theater. I don’t want to scan my head left and right, craning my neck,  as I watch a movie. For the size of the room and the screen, there is probably one good seat in the entire theater; all the rest violate one or more rules for a good seat.

I know. They have big comfy chairs. Big deal. If the movie is good enough I will pay no attention to the chair and if the movie sucks no amount of comfortable chair will will make up for it.

Combine awful biomechanics with a small, dark crowded lobby and a long, slow line to get popcorn, this is a venue I will only return to only if there are no other options. The mall, McMenamins, and my real living room are vastly superior places to watch a movie. Hell, I’ll watch a movie on my phone first.

Living Room theaters really exacerbates my Early Onset Grumpiness. Well, at my age maybe not early onset.

At least the movie was fantastic, a creative interpretation of MacBeth. Very different and dark, compared to the version we saw in a cemetery this summer. Scotland looks like the NW, cold, wet, and muddy. I do not intend to give movie reviews as part of this blog. There are enough movie review sites, but I would note that if everyone in Scotland had taken a little Zoloft, there would be no Macbeth.

I hope I do not have to see another movie at the Living Room theater again. And if you do, buy the tickets in advance so you can get the one good seat in the room. Now if they could just stop the vacuuming while the movie is on.

Clyde Common

The only good thing about Living Room theaters is they are just around the corner from Clyde Common. What a tremendous place to eat. It has been a long time since I have food this creative and delicious.

The restaurant is part of the Ace Hotel and a place we are going to have to check out. Once a year we spend a weekend at a downtown hotel and just kick around the city. A fun way to see the city, next time it may be the Ace Hotel.

The restaurant has an open kitchen and would be loud for us old geezers except we were at the end of the day. Even so, as is so often the case, we were twice the age of the rest of the patrons.  The bar is as creative as the food with great cocktails. I had an Old Fashioned and an Oxford Coma.  And as I write I have an Oxford comma, just to make my son happy.

The food is small plates and we had sunchoke beignet (cauliflower puree, Oregon black truffle), shrimp a la plancha (fried grits, creamed chow chow), crab  (uni butter, pomelo, mandarin puree, plantain, venison (black garlic spatzle, cranberry jus, oyster mushrooms), and buckwheat crepe (caramelized onion, duck egg).

It is a credit to our relationship that we actually shared the food. Those beignets were unbelievable. The food had what would seem to be odd combinations, but they are worked. More than worked, they retired after selling out to Google for half a billion. That good.

For dessert a pana cotta with pears, also fantastic.

The service was good, the food served up a little slow, but who cares when the food is hot, the cocktail is delicious, and the company is great.

Clyde Common is a restaurant I will return to again; it is rare to have food this creative and delicious. It was one of the best thing I have done with my mouth in public in a long time.

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