Duran Duran.

She Said

Tonight’s Agenda:  Duran Duran on the Waterfront

I am a proud child of the 80’s.  With the exception of Ronald Reagan, you will never hear me apologize for the 80’s.  Not for the leg warmers, big shoulder pads, and certainly not for the big hair.  I am only 5’2’’;  the big hair made me 5’6.”  I loved the music of the 80’s:  Prince, Blondie, and especially, Duran Duran.  We got tickets to see Duran Duran live on the waterfront several months ago. I simply could not miss the opportunity to see one of the coolest bands of the 80’s.  

Seeing Duran Duran live restored my belief that you can be over 50 years of age, and still be cool.  Simon Le Bon still as the voice and John Taylor still has the hair.  They had the admiring crowd singing, dancing, and, unfortunately, smoking too much pot.  Even Le Bon commented on the smell of skunk at the concert.  It was everywhere.  Pot is a scent that makes me feel nauseous.  But, thankfully, Duran Duran’s music made it worth the stink.  They flawlessly sang Rio, Reflex, Hungry Like a Wolf, Girls on Film, and my two favorites:  Undone and Ordinary World. They performed without a break for almost two hours.  Except for the stench of pot, it was a beautiful summer evening along the Willamette rocking with Duran Duran.  What more could a child of the 80’s ask for?

He Said

I spent the 80’s immersed in learning medicine: medical school, residency and fellowship. As a result for me the ‘80s for me are a lost decade. The music, the culture, the movies, the memes? No idea about any of them. My kids liked to watch “I Love the ’80s and I think I recognized less than 10% of the content.

MTV debuted in 1981 and was on as background noise in the living room of the large house I lived in during medical school. So I knew of (Duran)2. Who didn’t? Hungry like a Wolf, right.

But I didn’t pay that much attention to the band as my tastes runs more towards alternative and what my kids call Dad Rock and what I call the Greats.

Kerry, in contrast, had a life in the ‘80s and is/was a big(Duran) fan. So when (Duran)was scheduled for Project Pabst 2016 festival, we had, just had, to go. So we went.

We only went for the (Duran)2.] part of the festival at the Waterfront and they put on a fantastic show. They are still a high energy, tight band. The lead singer, Simon Le Bon (one year younger than me. I do not know whether to be impressed with him or depressed at me) still has a great voice and it was almost 2 hours of hits by a great band. Sorry, I had no idea (Duran)had so many songs I knew. It was the like seeing the ultimate tribute band :).

The waterfront is a nice to see a show as long as you do not want to sit.  The audience had a predominance of geezers; it was nice to see my peeps.  I will say that most cigarette smokers have the courtesy to not smoke in public places, even outside, although I can understand the need to feed the nicotine addiction if the monkey on your back becomes too insistent.   Pot smokers do not have monkey and I look forward to the day when pot smokers resist smoking in public where the rest of us cannot escape your ganja farts. Le Bon even noted that Portland has a signature smell: skunk. The only sour note to a great show.

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