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The inspiration for the blog: Kerry and Mark remembering the past.

She said

About a year ago, my friend Diane mentioned how she and her husband,without exception, go on a date night every weekend. Between work and family responsibilities, my husband and I had kind of forgotten that we used to be fun. I was feeling increasingly irrelevant. The mother of one of my son’s friends recently told me that Wilco was my son’s favorite bands; I had never even heard of them! I was feeling increasingly clueless about popular culture and with each advancing year, I was becoming a dinosaur. I realized I had reached the “therapeutic age.” I required therapeutic shoes, therapeutic bras, and –having given birth to two children—I daresay, therapeutic underwear is probably in my future. As new empty nesters, I decided it was time for us to finally have date nights again.

My husband, Mark, and I started choosing from the wonderful array of live music, theater, eateries, & watering holes in the great city of Portland. We soon discovered that, often, we were the oldest people or the only participants older than 50 year old in the audience. Case in point: We went to Dantes to hear the Led Zepplin tribute band “Ramble On” (they’re great, by the way), when a woman stopped me and said, “Can I ask you a question? What are YOU doing here?” I began wondering where were the rest of us old geezers? Being over 50 shouldn’t preclude one from going out and having fun, or does it?

With time I have discovered that sometimes Portland adventures are not user friendly for those of us over 50 years of age. Often times there aren’t chairs, or aren’t enough chairs, at live concerts and it’s hard to stand for 3 hours anymore. Or restaurants with loud concrete floors interfere with any meaningful conversation with my spouse and, even after almost 30 years of marriage, I still really enjoy conversing with him. When we were younger, we used to giggle at older couples in restaurants who just sat and stared at each other, promising ourselves that we would never lose interest in each other. Now we realize these couples probably gave up conversing because they cant hear over the loud floors!

This is a blog about the adventures of an over 50 couple galavanting around the amazing city of Portland. We hope to share with the reader the many great opportunities for fun, no matter what one’s age, while providing helpful information about some of the limitations encountered related to being an old geezer who still likes to get out and experience the great joys of living. The other night on our way home from a Shakespeare play & cocktails, one of our sons texted us: “Are you guys alive yet?” Like the great poet, Dylan Thomas, we have no intention of “going gentle into that great night!”

Kerry  8/2/15

He said

“You Guys Alive?”

That was a text  from my eldest son on August 1st, 2015 at 11:53 pm.

We were just leaving Kays Bar after an evening out that, among other things, resulted in the birth of this blog.  I guess he could not imagine us being out that late without being dead.  Such is the price of being old.

Early in my return to Portland my wife had the great idea of a restaurant review column, called She Said, He Said (I prefer He Said, She Said) where we would go back and forth about what restaurant we ate at that week.

Like many great ideas, it was lost in raising children and medical careers.

But both of those are coming to an end.  Kerry is retired and I see the light at the end of tunnel.  In this case I want to go to the light.  The kids are off to higher education, law school and college.

So over food and drinks after a play, we fleshed out and expanded the idea of a blog about the food, the music, the plays and other pastimes that we do in Portland.

Several years ago Kerry noted that as the kids grew up we had stopped doing anything besides work and watching Blazer games.  Time, she said, to start going out again.

So we did.  Music, plays, concerts, anything that looked interesting.

I have a multimedia empire over at edgydoc. com, but all of my blogging and podcasting concerns medicine and pseudo-medicine.  I think it would be fun to expand into another area of writing.

Kerry, an obsessive gardner with far too much fascination with the chipper-shredder scene in Fargo for my own good, was looking for a creative outlet during the long, gardenless Portland winters.

And so this blog.  As we get older we like to get out.  As a rule we are older than most of the audience by several decades, but we do not want to be that old couple that tries to be 18 again.  We hope to grow old gracefully but still have fun.

This blog will be a guide and description of the fun two geezers have in PDX.

Mark  8/2/15

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  1. Sachinthaka says:

    One of my favorite lunch carts is a Thai place (I’ll try to get the name) that is clsoteo my building. It is on 2nd between Madison and Main. East side of the street, mid-block. Also, on the very south corner of that same block is another yummy food cart that is a branch , so to speak, of the restaurant Mazatlan (main restaurant located in downtown). Awesome veggie burritos.If I’m not specific enough about location, I could probably find a map.-Betsy

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